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This is the era of learning corporations! Using complex data mining tools, we not only answer the question "Why did it happen?" but also the question "What will happen?"

Predictive Analytics, a powerful learning mechanism with foundation on Data Science that can predict scenarios such as:

  • If a student will drop out.

  • Acquiring and retaining customers.

  • Cross-selling effectively.

  • Reducing employee churn and much more.

It is only possible because predictive analytics can work in an individual level thru Data Collection, Data Modeling, and Statistics Models on both structured (ex. database) and unstructured (ex. pictures, email, spreadsheets) data. 


Mature models can predict an event 30 days before it happens with 80% accuracy, giving your company plenty of time to act.


  • Predict customer churning and take effective action to retain the customer before it is too late

  • Achieve deeper customer understanding and more effective customer marketing with more accurate customer segmentation

  • Respond to your business supply needs faster and more accurately

  • Analyze past data to help organizations identify business-critical issues that are a part of the established pattern

  • Based on the pattern identified, predict possible future roadblocks and make plans to prevent them or address them, if it is too late to prevent

  • Use machine learning algorithms and regression techniques comprehensively to improve the accuracy of all predictions

  • Continuously monitor customer data and log files to get the latest insights for decision making

  • Recognize and understand what exactly the customers are looking for and create customized experiences for them using the power of data

  • Get access to detailed insights from your business operations that facilitate smarter decision-making

  • Detect and prevent fraudulent activities from taking place

  • Improve existing business processes and operations

  • Reduce debt recovery risks by predicting a borrower's credit worthiness


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